Not Today

I’ve been working on a post about plant care for this week, but it’s still not finished and I’m having a difficult time with it. It’s important to me to keep my schedule. I enjoy the structure and goal-setting, and I prefer to be a reliable blogger, but I don’t want to stress myself out. … More Not Today

Writer’s Block #1

Keeping up with this blogging schedule has been a complete piece of cake. Back in July I was bursting with ideas, waking in the night to jot down topics, compiling photos and creating albums, my brain going bonkers with excitement and planning. Here, today, now, is my first rut. The idea well has run nearly … More Writer’s Block #1

Holiday Mini Break

Please enjoy these photos of the festive art around my house It was a fun little project to make these wee paper art Santa hats! I didn’t have a chance to put together a post for today amid the holiday whirlwind, and I plan to have more content prepared for the blog this time next … More Holiday Mini Break

Brunch Christmas Party

Since 2018 has been such a busy year I decided I didn’t have the energy for my stereotypical Christmas party. I’ve hosted them since 2002 and it’s a tradition that I greatly enjoy, so instead of passing on it altogether I figured I’d go with an easier route. What’s easier than pancakes and mimosas? Not … More Brunch Christmas Party

The Bonding Retreat

One of the best ideas (and that’s saying something!) that Rachel had while I planned my wedding was to have a Bridal Party Retreat the weekend before the wedding. An overnight trip so the four of us (two bridesmaids, one maid of honor, and one bride) could relax, have a quiet moment, and bond a … More The Bonding Retreat